You play Andrea, your next door neighborhood kind of girl. New to the supernatural world, she likes to write and doodle about her exciting adventures in her journal.

Determined and hard-working, Andrea takes her job very seriously. She likes organizing, trying exotic food, and making new friends.

Billie is a fire sprite. She likes things to be done her way, a.k.a. the right way. A bit short-tempered, Billie takes no shit from anyone, especially not from Andrea. To protect her heart, she would rather be alone in her attic. She likes to collect pins, pretty crystals, and cool plaid shirts.

Adorope is a sublime selkie who oozes confidence, elegance, and sensuality. She may appear cold to certain people, but, once she allows you to know her, she proves to be a loyal friend and fierce and loving mother. She likes fashionable hats, fancy wines and her family.

Lovell is a werewolf with a terrible curse. After a violent attack that left him unable to return to his wolf form, his clan abandoned him. Without a pack, Lovell must find his way in life, a new home, and a new family. Exceptionally kind, Lovell is also a talented gardener. He likes tea (especially matcha tea), sleeping under a starry sky and oldjazz records.

Séverin is a vampire from New Orleans. With the help of his luth, he uses his entrancing voice and magnetic charm to entice his prey. He’s devoted and a bit of a prankster, but most of all, he’s an entertainer. He likes bright colors, serenades, and the blood of gorgeous mortals.

Virgil is a fallen angel that reconverted into a librarian. Being quite ancient, he found that books were the best type of escapism for his immortality. Virgil has few friends but is a reliable one. He likes whiskey, sweater vests and his privacy.

Lidoe is a young selkie who spent most of her life under the sea with her mother Adorope. Lidoe is quite perceptive, if a bit unaccustomed to the surface world. She’s lively and, like any teenager, can be quite bold. She likes purple, underground murder mysteries, and trying human food (especially popcorn).

Kailu is a Royal Fae, banished from their kingdom. Bound by a curse, they now look over the De Mirée line. As a shape-shifting creature, they tend to swap their appearance every decade or so. They are confident, if not a bit arrogant, but casual and funny. Kailu always looks like they’re coming back from a party.

Michael is the incarnation of control. He’s perfectly collected and always appearing like an absolute gentleman. All mighty Commander of the Angels, he has no time to partake in the frivolities of parties at the inn. However, does find time to see to the people he cares about. He likes order, a job well done, and cigars.

Samael, mostly known as Lucifer, was once the most beautiful and powerful angel in existence. Although he may look or sound like a bimbo, arrogant and self-centered, he is not to be underestimated; he’s highly intelligent and can be quite dangerous. He likes gold, attention, and a good gossip.

The Auberge la Mirée is a well known hub for interdimensional travelers. The inn contains a multitude of doors and portals leading to as many places and worlds. Although frequented by many eclectic guests since the beginning of time, no one is sure of its exact origins. Maintained only by its hot-tempered yet loving caretaker, Billie, the Auberge de Mirée is currently suffering from the loss of its previous manager, Alberada.